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Our Story

Ice Panda is proudly, family-owned and operated.


Our story begins from our love for ice cream.  We were seeking unique concepts to present our favorite dessert in a manner that was fun and exciting.  Who doesn't enjoy a great show and high-quality ice cream dessert?!  So we traveled the world to find insipration.  In our journey, we encountered Thai-Style ice cream. This unique, street food captivated our imagination and we were motivated to introduce this concept to share in Elk Grove.  In 2016, after lots of preparation, Ice Panda opened its doors.


How it's Made

Start by selecting one of our many flavors we offer.  Then we pour our high-quality ice cream base on a frozen pan as cold as -16°F.  Afterwards, we use specialized spatulas to mix and smash until the flavor is mixed well and the base solidifies.  Finally, we flatten and scrape into seven rolled ice cream.


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5640 Whitelock Parkway #140

Elk Grove, CA  95757

Open everyday from 12pm to 9pm

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